Remember the big Trans culture POP when “Boys Don’t Cry” hit? Then when “TransAmerica” happened? Now “OITNB,” Time Magazine, The New Yorker… I wonder when the civil rights POP will happen. I’m so tired of being a cultural oddity. Get on it America - you’re so fascinated? Fascinate some legislation so we never have to wonder if we didn’t get the job because we’re Trans, or where we can peacefully pee, or if we could access a shelter in a hurricane, or whether our IDs will ever match our identities, or…This is real life. Quit being an onlooker and call your Senators. Please and thank you and you’re welcome for all the entertainment.

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The thing about working with teens that makes me cry is that you know adulthood is coming at them fast: how hard it will be, and how magnificent. They stand at the edge - you can’t save or push them. All you can do is love them with everything you’ve got.


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Like if you’re a parent/caregiver of teens 13-17; comment/DM me if you’d be willing to let me ask y’all a few questions about entertainment and art!

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How To Navigate High School As An Out Transgender Student

For students, parents, teachers. Happy back to school!
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The Origin Of Love - Hedwig And The Angry Inch

A camper wanted to know about my Hedwig tat. He’s Dutch and tries very hard at English so I showed him “The Origin of Love” video to explain. He asked some questions, watched the video, understood. As I turn to go he pounds it out and says “I accept you.”

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A warm fuzzy for the day:
“I am a college administrator, and I was present at the women’s history conference this year. Belatedly, I want to thank you for presenting, and leading the keynote conversation. Your leadership on that day taught me a tremendous amount. I count that experience as one of the top 10 most important learning experiences in my life.”

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Jenny Boylan

So this is what just happened at the White House. All y’all LGBTQ folks with jobs might want to take note:

Flamingo Rampant Book Club!

If straight folks gave their kids queer-positive books, they’d have queer-positive kids. Funny how that works.

Second Baltimore Trans Woman Found Murdered Since June

Please read what Dane Edidi says. #notonemore

Squeaky-clean comics hero Archie is dying to prove a point about gun control

My father used to help me collect Archie comics. I could never tell you why I was so into them as a child. Now everything makes sense. And daddy is either rolling or laughing in his grave. Love you daddy. And I was right on the issues!

Wherever you are today is the best place, because YOU are there.

Adoration and best wishes to the woman who changed my life as an artist. Thank you for showing me the important things and holding me responsible to my lineage and the present. You are a gift to us all, and I am eternally grateful.

Love you, Penny. Happy birthday.

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Recommended Feinberg’s Transgender Warriors to another trans* youth who’d never heard of either. Somebody make a Tumblr?

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Flamingo Rampant Book Club!

Forget the kids, I’m subscribing to this for myself! How about you?

ATL: Are you making a one person show? Do you want to? Jessica Lynn Johnson will be in town soon, offering her acclaimed coaching skillz. Holler at her to get focused on your story! Hourly coaching available on your schedule, 7/19-8/3.

- Directed 3 shows in the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival: 1 won Best Solo Performance
- Directed a 1-man version of “Breaking Bad” that rocked the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
- Writer/Performer of 2 internationally-acclaimed solo performances

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Click here to support Medical difficulties by Dylan O'Neill

A friend in need. In the name of global Trans* and Ally community, would you help a deserving stranger?

Sean is a great activist and lovely guy I met in Dublin. He’s having a rough time and needs support.