"365 Days of CRAZY" by Scott Turner Schofield

To be an artist in New Orleans, what a dream. Catch why this performance is something to #StayAlive for. “365 Days of CRAZY” 9/6 | Press Street

Debutante Balls selection

New Orleans! 1 week & I’m there, gettin my Debutante Balls on (9/3 6-8pm Ashe’ CAC) thanks to True Colors! Then come glimpse my new show 365 Days of CRAZY (9/6, 7-9pm).

Shame Game: New Study Shows Stigma Sours Trans Relationships

"…as much as we’d like to think that a relationship is only about the two people in it, the way in which the world around us treats that relationship can also have a significant impact on quality and health of our relationships. "
Shame Game: New Study Shows Stigma Sours Trans Relationships | Autostraddle

True Colors


I’m digging the international scope of this Trans love project. Check it out!

Transient.: A Good Place To Start

#TBT kicks off my blog at the very beginning. Paris, 2002: I was a lesbian looking for where to go next.

Chèrs amis françaises: le debut en vrai de ma vie artistique - dans le Marais quand j’avais 21 ans. La france etait toujours avec moi, elle est, surtout maintenant. Vous me manquez beaucoup.

The Trans* Talk for Cis* People

For any of you who’ve wished my work would go more places, thanks, and I am now booking my Fall schedule. This would be the time to tell your university friends or HR managers - perhaps by sharing this link?

"Fear is good. Once you have fear, you must discover the courage to survive it." - Tomi Ungerer

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Here’s what I’m reading tonight. Figuring out what to do with it. Open to suggestions.

This is how an #ally responds with class when our privilege leads to unintentionally offensive behavior. Well played, George Takei. (excerpt):

"The fact that I was surprised by the response the wheelchair meme received indicates that I do indeed lack knowledge, and some sensitivity, over what is clearly a hot button issue, and that I and others can take this as an opportunity not to dig in, but rather to open up to the stories and experiences of those in the disabled community. I appreciate those who took the time to write in.

So to those who were hurt by my posts on this issue, I ask you please to accept this apology. To those who think I shouldn’t have to apologize, I want to remind you that I get to decide what I apologize for, so there’s no need to come to my defense.

Very well then, carry on, friends. Carry on.”

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Robin Williams died of Bipolar Disorder. A short list of others: Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Rothko, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf. 1 in 5 people with Bipolar commit suicide. If it was cancer, there’d be walks and bike rides every day. #talkaboutit #stigmakills

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A movie, a hike, a supermarket trip: it doesn’t take much to encourage a sad friend, but it means a lot.

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Oh Robin Williams.
I wish people would talk about bipolar disorder, how not every funny guy you meet is happy. Far from it in fact.
Rest in peace, awesome guy. Wish you were still here.

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Aug 8

It is possible I may pick up a side job as Prince Charming. No really. For little kids’ birthday parties.

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Remember the big Trans culture POP when “Boys Don’t Cry” hit? Then when “TransAmerica” happened? Now “OITNB,” Time Magazine, The New Yorker… I wonder when the civil rights POP will happen. I’m so tired of being a cultural oddity. Get on it America - you’re so fascinated? Fascinate some legislation so we never have to wonder if we didn’t get the job because we’re Trans, or where we can peacefully pee, or if we could access a shelter in a hurricane, or whether our IDs will ever match our identities, or…This is real life. Quit being an onlooker and call your Senators. Please and thank you and you’re welcome for all the entertainment.

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